About Me

In brief

I am a freelance journalist currently based in southern Mexico. I have extensive experience of researching and writing articles about human rights, development and environmental issues in Latin America, and sometimes beyond. As well as freelancing, I have also worked on a regional UK newspaper as a reporter, and as a communications and media officer for national and regional non-profits.

I have a BA in English Literature, a National Council for the Training of Journalist (NCTJ) Multimedia Journalism Diploma and an MA in Latin American Studies from University College London’s Institute of the Americas.

Latin American Specialist

I currently reside in the Maya-Mexican town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, but Nicaragua, Panama and Guatemala have all been my home, at one time or  another. As a freelance journalist, I have written about environmental protection and indigenous rights in Central America, especially in relation to hydroelectric dam development and mining.

My articles have been cited by the Centre for International and Environmental Law (CIEL), the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) and the Law, Environment and Development Journal. They have also been syndicated by Amazon Watch and the Business and the Human Rights Resource Centre, among others.

In 2014, thanks to a bursary, I was able to undertake an MA in Latin American Studies at the University of London’s Institute of the Americas, a leading multidisciplinary specialist institution for the study of Latin America, the United States, the Caribbean and Canada. Using my journalistic work as secondary material and carrying out qualitative research in the field, I wrote my master’s thesis on the factors shaping indigenous resistance to dam development in Panama.

I have also time spent volunteering for an indigenous community tourism organisation in Panama and a migrant center in the Mexican state of Tabasco.